Yoga Business Training

Salento, Italy * Oct. 10 - Oct. 17, 2020

Aligned with Purpose Yoga Business Training / Salento, Italy / October 10 - 17, 2020

Receive 40 hours of continuing education credit through the Yoga Alliance upon course completion

Yoga and business are not an obvious combination.

In fact, in the Bhagavad Gita, Krishna tells Arjuna that all work must be done for the Divine, not for money or material gain. Perhaps this is what has led to the ubiquitous phenomenon of yoga teachers feeling uncomfortable marketing their teachings and massively undercharging for their time and work.

If you are like most new yoga teachers, you graduated from your 200 hour teacher training inspired and ready to share your passion for yoga with the world.

Sadly, many yoga teachers give up before they learn how to set up their business. Being a successful yoga teacher means becoming the entrepreneur and CEO of your own personal brand. It means learning how to market yourself and your teachings to the exact group of students who want what you have to offer.

This doesn't have to go against your principles as a yogi or feel inauthentic or unnatural.

Still, many yogis (my former self included) struggle to see their teaching as a business and themselves as the CEO.

Having business smarts is the only way to keep your dream job and be able to pay the bills

With that in mind - Welcome to the Aligned With Purpose Yoga Business Training! This is a one-week yoga business training complete with hands-on workshops, individual support in building your brand and business, and daily morning asana practice. Bring your laptop and your yoga mat - it's going to be fun!

With some business basics in your toolkit, you will be able to support yourself while being the change you wish to see in the world. With the right mix of yoga training and business acumen, you will be aligned with your purpose as a yoga teacher and able to thrive in your yoga business.

This training is for you if:

- you are passionate about teaching yoga but are unsure about or even afraid of the various business aspects of being a professional yoga teacher.

- You're just getting started in your yoga teaching career

- You've been teaching for a while but don't feel you have an ideal business setup

This training will cover :
  • Recognizing and defining your specific talents as a yoga teacher
  • Business essentials for all professional yoga teachers
  • How to identify your money blocks and work through them
  • Which platforms will help grow your yoga business and how
  • How to find your niche and create a supportive, dedicated community around your offerings
  • Effective ways to promote classes, workshops, retreats, and other events
  • How to outline and organize the various aspects of your yoga business with ease
  • The ins-and-outs of marketing yourself with authenticity on social media
  • Website essentials - choosing a platform, implementing your branding, and creating a great website
  • How to take and use eye-catching pictures that relate directly to your teaching and offerings
  • Project planning for class series’, workshops, retreats, and online classes

What's Included

6 Full Days of Training
3 Healthy Meals Per Day
One-on-one support
Continuing Education Credits


499€ Full price
399€ As an add-on to the Aligned with Purpose 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training (June 1 - 28th in Fuerteventura, Spain or Sept 12th - Oct 10th in Salento, Italy)

*Note : listed price includes cost of training, course materials, and workshops. Food and accommodation are separate, and can be paid directly to Agricola Samadhi / Yoga in Salento.

Cost for accommodation for 1 week from October 10 - 17th, 2020 starts at 499€. Once you have paid your deposit of 250€ for the training, please email Yoga In Salento to reserve your room, at

8:00 - 9:30
Morning Asana Practice

9:30 - 11:00
Breakfast & Break

11:00 - 1:30
Business Yoga Lab I

1:30 - 3:30
Lunch & Break

3:30 - 6:00
Business Yoga Lab II

7:00 onwards
Dinner + Free Time

Times are subject to change depending on the specifics of the daily offerings. 


Jess has trained multiple groups of teachers in the practice of Alignment-Based Vinyasa and Hatha Yoga, Yin, and Restorative Yoga. As well as leading teacher trainings, she is passionate about sharing her knowledge of yoga as a purposeful and profitable business with yogis who could use a little business boost.

Jess has multiple business trainings under her belt and shares everything she has learned about marketing, social media and business organization with her business yoga students in a relevant and immediate way.

She will take you step by step through the tools and techniques you will need in order to develop your yoga business and help spread your teaching and yoga with the world.

Jess has been featured on the Yoga Teacher Resource Podcast and the Business of Yoga Speaker Series and has been interviewed and published in Elephant Journal, San Francisco Yoga Magazine, and DoYouYoga. You can practice with her online on and

Room Options at Yoga in Salento

Triple Room with Ensuite Bathroom

Double Room with Shared Bathroom

Double Room with Ensuite Bathroom

Private Room with Ensuite Bathroom


What Students Are Saying

I cannot formulate how extraordinary this trip was, if you're unsure what YTT to pick, this is the one! Remarkable teachers shared their vast knowledge and passion with us in a location that was paradise. The food was outstanding, the lectures inspiring and the classes authentic. I woke up as if in a dream each day surrounded by jungle, tropical birds, sun and an epic ocean panorama. Every expectation I had was exceeded drastically. My horizon is widened and my curiosity and hunger for life is sparked. I'm forever grateful for this adventure.
Ida, Norway
Buddha means, simply, awake. Jess is awake. Alive, joyful, fun-and most importantly, caring-one of the most dynamic young yoga teachers out there.
Waylon Lewis, Founder of Elephant Journal, USA
Jess made all of us feel at home within ourselves. She gave me confidence and I learned how to gain a deeper connection with my mind and body through her guided meditation. Her knowledge is mind blowing and the flow of her instructions makes the yoga feel effortless. Jess makes sure she is always aware of any injuries or restrictions a member of the class has and always modifies her routine accordingly. Her energy is very inviting, her smile and happiness is contagious and I can not recommend highly enough!
Ryan, Scotland
There aren't enough words to describe the emotions that arise when I think about this experience. It has been at the same time the hardest and most wonderful 3 weeks I've had in my life. I have learned so much about every aspect of yoga - its philosophy, history and physical practice. But mainly I've learned so much about myself and the person I am or want to be. This training made me feel as an open door to a whole new world to discover and I'm so eager to continue on this pathway and discover much more of it. Thank you for this life changing experience.
Aurore, Belgium
I cannot say enough good about Jess Rose for the quality of this Yoga Teacher Training Course. She is a brilliant and passionate instructor and easily passes her enthusiasm for the subjects onto her students. She had a deep knowledge of all the subjects taught and an easy way of sharing them. She was able to bring forward complicated subjects and ideas in a manner that left the students interested and eager to learn more. Two weeks after the course and I still consider myself a student of hers and am working to deepen my training through books introduced during the class and more study/meditation of the ideas shared. The time spent on the mat in asana is easily the best practice I have ever had. Her skills guiding us through poses was phenomenal and despite doing a minimum of three hours/day of asana she still showed new ideas throughout the course and every class was something new. If you have the opportunity to go to a YTT course or retreat taught with Jess I would strongly encourage you to go.
Will, USA
I have been practicing yoga for more than 20 years, and I never fail to discover something new (or something old but forgotten) in Jess' classes. She is extremely knowledgeable about yoga and its many branches of study and offshoots of interest. She is also incredibly generous of spirit and attracts very interesting and kind people to her group. Highly recommend.
Michelle, USA
Jess takes you on a journey with her yoga practice and teaches you to move from the heart with enlightening inspiration, graceful movements, and flowing sequences. She is inspiring and encouraging with her depth of knowledge and inner wisdom which has helped navigate me through some challenging times. Yoga has become an essential daily practice for me now thanks to Jess and has awakened my body, my breath, and my spirit.
Lori, Scotland
A truly professional and inspirational teacher training that I will recommend to everyone interested in teacher training. The combination of practical and theoretical was really good. It also worked very well with having two teachers who complement each other so well. I liked the early integration of learning to teach yoga (already in week one). Last but not least your approach to yoga "yoga is for everyone" - love it! And the group of people was amazing - open minded and non-judgemental.
Mette, Denmark
After attending just one yoga class led by Jess, I knew she was the one I want to learn from. Her style was refreshing, uplifting and inspirational. To do my first teacher training with Jess was the best decision I could have made. The training was intense but she guided us through it with a lot of love and devotion. When things got tough, I could always ask for advice. I felt supported and cared for throughout the whole training. Her in-depth knowledge of all aspects of yoga and ability to transmit it, gave me enough knowledge and confidence that I could start teaching as soon as the training was over. She is an amazing teacher as well as wonderful human being and I am beyond grateful to have had the chance to learn from her.
Leda, Croatia
Jess, I would like to try to express in a few words, a global feeling about my own experience as having you as one of my first Yoga TTC Teacher. From the first moment I saw you I felt your Yoga Path, which for me means something way more infinite than Asanas. In one word I felt your Magic. Not only your huge knowledge and extensive experience impacted my motivation to keep exploring this lifestyle, but also your grace and the brightness that surrounds you. I will always recommend as many people as I can to have the experience to explore the yoga path with you. Thank you.
Stefano, Argentina