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Now before you head over to your inbox to download your Essential Guide to Outdated Yoga Cues let me tell you a short personal story.

I remember the first time I got injured doing yoga.

It was in India over 10 years ago, during the very first teacher training I ever took.

Our teacher cued us into Lotus Pose with no props and no modifications. He simply said:

Everyone get into Lotus Pose.

I came into the pose, but my top knee wouldn't go down. I didn't notice it, and was proud of myself for twisting my legs into this crazy position.

But my teacher did notice.

He came over, stood behind me, and pressed his hands down onto my thighs. My knee went down - quickly. And I felt something burning in my inner knee. It felt absolutely horrible, but I was scared to say anything.

I thought, "He's my teacher so he must know what he's doing."

My knee would never be the same again.

Even to this day, I have pain sometimes and have to wear a knee brace.

If I would have had more knowledge about my practice, and the courage to tell him to stop pushing my body into a shape it wasn't ready to do, my knee would still be healthy.

But I didn't have the courage. And I didn't have the knowledge of anatomy to know that my meniscus was being damaged. I just followed what the teacher wanted.

Has this ever happened to you in a yoga class?

Maybe it was a strong assist, like the one I got. Or maybe it was following a cue that felt like it was hurting your body rather than helping it. But you did it anyway, because you trust your teacher.

This guide is for all of you who want to understand if you're doing your body harm, or making it happy.

It's for everyone who wants to know more. I hope you read it and that it changes the way you practice your yoga.

And one more thing before you go...

There is a reason my knee was lifting up in Lotus Pose. And there's a reason why all of our poses - both mine and yours - aren't always "perfect," like we see in the yoga books.

And guess what ... there is a method for knowing if you will ever one day be able to get into your dream pose, or if you will always be stuck right where you are. I discovered this method and it changed the way I do yoga forever.

This method also helped me quickly decipher which yoga teachers know what they're talking about, and which ones are just blindly repeating outdated cues.

So, what's the method? You have to figure out one thing:

Is it my muscles, or my bones?

Once you know the answer to this question, you will unlock huge insights into your yoga practice and know what you will one day be able to achieve, or not.

Since discovering this method, I've helped hundreds of yogis understand their unique body and what it's capable of on the mat.

And now, I'm sharing this method (and so much more) with you.

Introducing the Movement Wisdom Mini Yoga Teacher Training!

This 6 hour course is the easiest way to boost your yoga knowledge and become a highly educated yoga practitioner - one who knows their stuff.

Here's what you will discover:

  • You'll get a step-by-step method for answering the question: "Why can't I go deeper in "X" & "Y" yoga poses? I've been practicing (and struggling) for years!"

  • Key concepts of yoga philosophy, like the meaning of "Om" and "Namaste"

  • How teacher's plan and sequence yoga classes and the reasons behind the order of poses

  • The origins of meditation and the difference between "legit" yoga meditation practices vs. "new age meditaiton"

  • How our bones have a huge impact on our yoga poses and what this could look like for different people in tons of different poses

By the time you finish the Movement Wisdom Mini YTT, you'll finally understand how your unique body affects your yoga practice as well as philosophical concepts and the ancient origins of yoga.

Imagine knowing more than your yoga teacher

Imagine knowing more than your yoga teacher about your unique yoga practice and what you should (and should not!) be doing in your poses. The Movement Wisdom Mini YTT will give you this information.

If you like the idea of finally understanding both the physical and philosophical sides of yoga while improving your practice on the mat, then this course is for you.


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I am so glad I decided to join the Mini YTT!

I really enjoyed finding out about bones, ligaments, tendons and fascia. So grounding to actually understand more about how our bodies are put together and function - and that we’re all different - yayy! Thanks Jess - very humorous!
Ruth B. from the UK

I really enjoyed this mini course!

It helped me understand more about our bodies...every skeleton is unique!
Indira P. from Venezuela

Every single hour gives me so much!

I love the explanations of the poses, and I am glad to have the videos to watch again to internalize all the information. It's also wonderful to be able to leave a comment or ask questions on each lesson. Jess always takes the time to respond and guide her students along the way!

I highly recommend the Mini YTT to everyone. You will find that it will be an absolute asset to you!

Tina G. from Germany

What's inside the Movement Wisdom Mini YTT:


Key Concepts of Yoga Philosophy

"Walk yout talk" as a yogi!
Have you ever been to a yoga class that ended with chanting 'Om' or saying 'namaste' and wondered what these things actually mean? In this one hour video lecture Learn about the most common (and often misunderstood) concepts from yoga from our ancient friends in the east:
  • Om
  • Namaste
  • Guru
  • Karma
  • Maya
  • Moksha
  • Atman
  • Sadhana
  • Samskara
  • Sat-Chit-Ananda
  • Samsara

Vinyasa Flow & Sequencing

The true meaning of 'Vinyasa' + Class Sequencing

Curious how yoga teachers seem to magically create fun, creative, safe yoga flows for every class? Get a behind-the-scenes look at how I create my classes!

First, take a 75 minute vinyasa flow class, where you learn the original meaning of the words 'Vi-Nyasa' and apply this philosophy on the mat.

Then, join me as I explain how I created the sequence of the class.


Introduction to Meditation

Know Your Meditation Style

Did you know that most of the meditation techniques that you might practice these days do not come from the ancient, time-tested yoga tradition?

In this 70 minute audio lecture (which you can download) we first dive into the history of meditation in yoga and Buddhism, and understand key differences between the two. Then we learn about modern, Western meditation and take a look at how that differs from ancient meditation practices.


Yoga Anatomy - Bones & Ligaments

How Your Bones Affect Your Yoga

The yoga world has a deep, dark secret that most yoga practitioners and yoga teachers don't understand, and it's this: the size & shape of your bones has a massive impact on your yoga practice!

The truth is, some of us will never be able to do Lotus Pose, or the Splits, or Wheel Pose - not because our muscles aren't long and stretchy, but because of our bones! Learn all about it in this 50 minute workshop.


Personal Growth & Transformation

Find Your Core Values

The entire system of yoga was created to help us understand our true nature. Yoga was meant to help answer the question - "Who am I, deep down inside?"

This exercise brings you closer to your true Self. Define your core values - the feelings and characteristics that speak to your heart and help guide you through life in the best possible way.


Yin Yoga & Applied Anatomy

Why Can't I Go Deeper In This Pose?

Do you know why your forward fold stops where it does? Can you feel what part of your body stops your pigeon pose from going any deeper?

Unlock some of your body's unique mysteries on the mat by asking the question, "What stops me from going further in this pose?"

As you'll see in this 90 minute yin class, it's not always as simple as having tight muscles. Sometimes it is a flexibility issue, but other times, our bones hit up against each other, giving us no more room to go further into a pose, no matter how much we stretch and stretch.

Hi, I'm Jess,

lead trainer of the Movement Wisdom School of Yoga, and teacher to over 800,000 yogis on the highly popular websites DoYou and YogiApproved.

I have guided countless passionate yogis like you through my teacher training programs both online and in-person. I help my students become smarter, wiser yoga practitioners and leaders in their communities.

The wisdom you will gain from these 6 workshops will make you a highly knowledgeable yogi and a stand-out human being!
If you're ready to learn deep wisdom from the ancient sages, improve your practice, and understand the science behind how yoga actually works, you're in the right place.

The Movement Wisdom 200 Hour Mini YTT is the right fit if you are any of the following

A dedicated yoga student who has reached a stand-still in your learning with your normal studio or at-home classes and you want more
An employee (with the heart of a yogi) ready to turn what you love into a part- or full-time career and maybe even become your own boss
A certified yoga teacher who picked the wrong YTT the first time around, and is ready to get on track with a gold-star level training
A passionate yogi interested in taking your practice to new heights for your own benefit and out of curiosity for all that yoga has to offer

This training will give you the tools you need to transform your practice or teaching, and the clarity to decide if a full 200 hour YTT is right for you.


Are you paying in EUR? You can use your credit card to sign up for any of the plans above. Your payment will automatically be converted to USD ($). We don't add additional fees but your credit card issuer might charge you a small fee, typically between 1 and 3% of the transaction (i.e. $0.25 - $0.75)


FAQs Your Fellow Movement Wisdom Mini YTT Students Asked Before Signing Up

There is no catch! The workshops offered in this Mini YTT cover some of the most fundamental information that we feel every single yoga practitioner needs to know.

So many yoga students have questions that not every yoga teacher can answer. So we decided to give you the answers you're looking for, and make this information available to all in a really affordable way.

This Mini YTT helps with things like -

  • "I really want to be able to do "X" pose and I can't figure out what's stopping me." The Yin class "What Stops Me" plus the yoga anatomy class on the bones and ligaments will give you the answers you're looking for.
  • "What is this "Om" thing all about? I want to understand it before I know whether or not I'm comfortable chanting it at the end of class with my teacher."
  • "How do teachers come up with their classes? Is there a reason for the order of the poses?"

And so much more. So, enjoy your 6 workshops at a price that everyone can take advantage of!