Aligned with Purpose

Yoga Teacher Training

200H  YTT | Mar 01 - 27 | Salento, Italy

Even if you achieve your outer purpose, it will never satisfy you if you haven't found your inner purpose, which is awakening, being present, being in alignment with life.
Eckhart Tolle

Transform yourself and your practice.

Commit to a focused daily practice.

Explore different styles of yoga and meditation.

Immerse yourself in more than just the physical practice of yoga.

Understand anatomy and how the human body works.

Become a professional teacher and turn your yoga into a successful career.

Be prepared to make positive changes in your life.

Be part of a warm and friendly group of like-minded yogis and build friendships for life.

join me on a journey into the heart of yoga

Yoga Teacher Training Salento March 2021

Training Center &

salento region



  • Beautiful, spacious shala with panoramic windows boasting gorgeous views
  • Shala fits up to 35 people
  • Our training is capped at 20 people so you can social-distance if you would like to
  • Projector and high-quality sound system
  • All props (including mats, blocks, straps, bolsters, blankets) are available for your use and sanitized daily
  • Hardwood floors
  • Heating



  • Our training center has four room options available:
  • triple room with private bathroom
  • double room with shared bathroom
  • double room with private bathroom
  • private room with private bathroom
  • All rooms are fully furnished and come with towels and bedding as well as AC and heating.
  • Choose the room option that best fits your needs and budget. The earlier you register, the higher the chances that you get your room of choice.
  • Spaces are strictly limited in this training and we expect it to sell out quickly.



  • Your investment into this 200 hour YTT includes three delicious vegan/vegetarian meals per day (incl. water, coffee and tea)
  • Healthy, balanced, organic food curated by international expert chefs.
  • Much of our food comes farm-to-table directly from the organic farm right on the property.
  • The “Sattvic” menu focuses on physical and mental wellbeing with food that purifies, lightens, and strengthens the body.
  • Embracing the cardinal principles which are common to the Slow Food philosophy, macrobiotics and Ayurveda, Samadhi Cafe offers a menu of authentic and unique dishes that will invigorate your taste buds for all 3 daily meals during the training.


Training Center

  • The training center consists of two elegant and renovated antique buildings from the early 20th century.
  • We are situated on 10 hectares of property and will have plenty of room to relax, breathe deeply, and enjoy the quiet nature that surrounds us. 
  • Enjoy the retreat center’s spacious gardens with hammocks and palm trees during our free time.
  • Amenities include a pool, sauna, hot tub/ whirlpool, lounge, spa treatments, and massage, all on-site
  • Explore the area around the center on our days off - beautiful nature walks, artistic excursions, trekking, bike tours, horseback riding, and sailing are just some of the ways to discover the region.



  • Warm sun, wild coastline, and crystal clear seas are the backdrop to our time in Salento
  • We are 10 minutes from the picturesque town of Lecce and 20 minutes from the most beautiful beaches on the Mediterranean sea. 
  • We are close to the gorgeous towns and cities of Zollino, Bari, and Lecce and we highly recommend taking a few days before or after the training to explore the unique landscapes and city-scapes of Southern Italy - it is breathtaking! 
  • Wander around medieval white stone villages built high on cliffs overlooking the Med, visit Romanesque cathedrals and big baroque town squares. 
  • Wind your way through olive groves and wildlife reserves, and of course, dip your toes into the clear blue Mediterranean Sea.

Curriculum &

Daily Schedule

This 26 day immersive training integrates body, mind and spirit. You will dive deep into the mystery and science of yoga. The curriculum goes above and beyond the minimum requirements set forth by the Yoga Alliance for a 200 hour yoga teacher training. We will pay special attention to the purposeful alignment of our bodies and our beings. Finding our personal alignment and authenticity not only improves our yoga practice, it also creates a life full of meaning, in-tune with our most valued beliefs, ideas, and inspirations.

In this training you will learn to practice and teach these 4 styles of yoga:

The Curriculum includes


Our Curriculum includes


What you will learn:

  • Practice and learn to teach Hatha and Vinyasa Yoga, and how to build dynamic flows as well as longer-held sequences targeting actions, energetics, and alignment in the poses with insightful cueing.
  • Learn the full spectrum of yoga postures, from standing postures to twists, backbends, forward folds, hip openers, seated postures, arm balances, and inversions.
  • Discover how Yin Yoga and the practice of long, static holds reshapes our tissues, joints, and fascia as well as our mental agility.
  • Study comparative yoga philosophy, including classical yoga, tantra, and vedanta. Get an introduction to classic yoga texts like the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali including the yamas and niyamas, and The Bhagavad Gita.
  • Keenly observe your students and teach based on what you see, helping your students find their unique expressions of the poses and practice.
  • Give appropriate physical assists, learn the art of demonstration, and find your voice as a yoga teacher.
  • Explore Restorative Yoga as modern medicine - a practice of re-setting the nervous system, pressing pause on the stress and speed of daily life.
  • Learn how to create full-spectrum practices that integrate physical, mental, and philosophical yoga practices.
  • Craft safe, effective, and fun sequences from the foundation up to the peak pose, to help your students achieve their goals on the mat.
  • Deepen your own personal practice and gain insights into your body, breath, and movement patterns both on and off the mat.
  • Recharge the body batteries with vital energy as you learn the practical and theoretical techniques of Pranayama, or breathwork practices.
  • Learn how to bring yoga philosophy and other themes into your teaching to create inspiring and meaningful practices that will ignite your students and solidify your own motivation to share the light of yoga.
  • Focus inwards with daily meditation practices stemming from both yogic and buddhist meditation traditions, and be able to confidently lead others in meditation.

Our daily schedule*

07:30 - 09:30

Asana, Meditation, Pranayama Workshop

09:30 - 11:00

Breakfast & Break

11:00 - 14:00

Lecture, Lab, Discussion and Practice

14:00 - 15:30

Lunch & Break

15:30 - 17:30

Asana, Meditation, Pranayama Workshop

17:30 onwards

Freetime, Dinner & Self Study**

* Saturdays are days off.

** The training includes approximately 40 hours of online workshops in anatomy and yoga philosophy. You can complete these hours on your own schedule during the course.


the teacher

A multi-disciplinary teachers’ teacher, Jess Rose has been leading trainings, workshops, and classes all over the world for more than a decade.

Since stepping into the online yoga scene with her 30 Day Yoga Program, taken by more than 75,000 yogis worldwide, she has gone on to share her love of yoga with students in the United States, Germany, Morocco, Mexico, Spain, Italy, and Thailand.

In the yoga community, Jess is known for her knowledge and clarity as an online and in-person yoga trainer with a focus on alignment and philosophical class themes. She has filmed vast libraries of yoga and meditation courses for DoYouYoga, YogiApproved and JessRose.Yoga.

Jess’ teachings can be found online in various forms such as podcasts, yoga conferences, and health websites such as San Francisco Yoga Magazine, Elephant Journal, The Yoga Teacher Resource Podcast, and the Business of Yoga Speaker Series, to name a few.

Besides passionately teaching and practicing yoga, Jess is also a certified Thai Massage Therapist and is dedicated to living a healthy, holistic life. Jess is an impassioned  yogi, a mom, a foodie, a sports enthusiast, and a lover of words, people, and big ideas.

She splits her time between Berlin, Germany and the open road, but her true home is somewhere between the mountains and the ocean. Or just about  anywhere with a big, open sky.


What former ytt students say

I cannot formulate how extraordinary this trip was, if you're unsure what YTT to pick, this is the one! Remarkable teachers shared their vast knowledge and passion with us in a location that was paradise. The food was outstanding, the lectures inspiring and the classes authentic. I woke up as if in a dream each day surrounded by jungle, tropical birds, sun and an epic ocean panorama. Every expectation I had was exceeded drastically. My horizon is widened and my curiosity and hunger for life is sparked. I'm forever grateful for this adventure.
Ida, Norway
There aren't enough words to describe the emotions that arise when I think about this experience. It has been at the same time the hardest and most wonderful 3 weeks I've had in my life. I have learned so much about every aspect of yoga - its philosophy, history and physical practice. But mainly I've learned so much about myself and the person I am or want to be. This training made me feel as an open door to a whole new world to discover and I'm so eager to continue on this pathway and discover much more of it. Thank you for this life changing experience.
Aurore, Belgium
I cannot say enough good about Jess Rose for the quality of this Yoga Teacher Training Course. She is a brilliant and passionate instructor and easily passes her enthusiasm for the subjects onto her students. She had a deep knowledge of all the subjects taught and an easy way of sharing them. She was able to bring forward complicated subjects and ideas in a manner that left the students interested and eager to learn more. Two weeks after the course and I still consider myself a student of hers and am working to deepen my training through books introduced during the class and more study/meditation of the ideas shared. The time spent on the mat in asana is easily the best practice I have ever had. Her skills guiding us through poses was phenomenal and despite doing a minimum of three hours/day of asana she still showed new ideas throughout the course and every class was something new. If you have the opportunity to go to a YTT course or retreat taught with Jess I would strongly encourage you to go.
Will, USA
Jess takes you on a journey with her yoga practice and teaches you to move from the heart with enlightening inspiration, graceful movements, and flowing sequences. She is inspiring and encouraging with her depth of knowledge and inner wisdom which has helped navigate me through some challenging times. Yoga has become an essential daily practice for me now thanks to Jess and has awakened my body, my breath, and my spirit.
Lori, Scotland
After attending just one yoga class led by Jess, I knew she was the one I want to learn from. Her style was refreshing, uplifting and inspirational. To do my first teacher training with Jess was the best decision I could have made. The training was intense but she guided us through it with a lot of love and devotion. When things got tough, I could always ask for advice. I felt supported and cared for throughout the whole training. Her in-depth knowledge of all aspects of yoga and ability to transmit it, gave me enough knowledge and confidence that I could start teaching as soon as the training was over. She is an amazing teacher as well as wonderful human being and I am beyond grateful to have had the chance to learn from her.
Leda, Croatia
Jess, I would like to try to express in a few words, a global feeling about my own experience as having you as one of my first Yoga TTC Teacher. From the first moment I saw you I felt your Yoga Path, which for me means something way more infinite than Asanas. In one word I felt your Magic. Not only your huge knowledge and extensive experience impacted my motivation to keep exploring this lifestyle, but also your grace and the brightness that surrounds you. I will always recommend as many people as I can to have the experience to explore the yoga path with you. Thank you.
Stefano, Argentina

an investment for life

Whether or not you want to turn your yoga into a career - this YTT will be a life-changing experience!

Your Investment Includes:

- The in-person 200 hour yoga teacher training

- Room and board for 26 days

- A professional training manual

- Course certification and the option to register with Yoga Alliance as an RYT200 (granted that all requirements are met)

- Lifetime access to the complete online program

Room Options

You can choose between 4 different options to fit your budget and comfort level:

Triple room with private bathroom - €2.999

Double room with shared bathroom - €3.199

Double room with private bathroom - €3.399

Private room with private bathroom - €3.799

Get the Complete Online Program

Parts of this training (Jess' lectures and classes) will be filmed. All participants of the Aligned with Purpose course will receive free lifetime access to these videos.

In other words: You will be able to review the program whenever you would like, as many times as you would like.  If you missed something the first time, or need some time to let new ideas sink in, you will get so much more from taking the classes again!

And don't get nervous - No students will be filmed during teaching practice or the final practicum.

BIPOC Empowerment Scholarships

We offer 3 Empowerment Scholarships to support diversity, inclusion, equity, and reparation for Black, Indigenous, and People of Color. Recipients of the scholarship will receive €500 off the full price of the training.

Take A Peek

Into A training with Jess

Jess Rose 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training - What Is Yoga?



Safety Measures for Covid 19

All Guests will have their body temperature taken upon arrival at the retreat center.

Social distancing will be possible throughout the training center including the shala (less students to allow for 2 meters' distance between mats) and all common areas.

Common areas will be sanitized frequently.

You have the option to wear a mask at any time.

You can decline hands-on assists from the teacher as well as other students.

We offer full refunds in the case that Italy has closed its borders, or in the case that the retreat center is in lockdown, or to students who are unable to attend due to a positive Covid 19 test result within 10 days prior to the training start (full refunds only apply when booking directly from this page and does not apply to bookings from third-party booking sites)

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