Healthy Baby


Healthy Baby

PRENATAL YOGA PROGRAM For all trimesters

PRENATAL YOGA PROGRAM For all trimesters

Keep your baby healthy and relaxed.

Support baby's physical and mental development.

Reduce pain, anxiety and stress and weight gain during pregnancy.

Prepare for a beautiful and empowering birthing experience.

Feel safe, strong and feminine during pregnancy and birth.

Keep up your practice or begin to enjoy the benefits of yoga.

Enjoy targeted-focus yoga classes for all trimesters, moods and intentions.

Get free updates and lifetime access to this program.

Jess, you have helped change my life in the most meaningful way and I am forever thankful for your time, energy and all your amazingly wonderful you!

yoga during pregnancy

what are the benefits?

The benefits* of prenatal yoga are incredible! Here are a few of my favorites:

*These benefits have been recorded in clinical studies, but, of course, cannot be 100% guaranteed. Please always talk to your doctor before you begin this program, and practice at your own risk.

prenatal yoga

why pregnant yogis need a different yoga practice

Okay, so doing yoga during pregnancy is great. But why should I do prenatal yoga? Can't I just keep going to my "regular" classes?! Here's why you shouldn't!

Pregnant Yogis Have Different Needs.

Before being one myself, I thought that pregnant women could easily just keep going to 'regular' yoga classes all the way up to their due date. But when I got pregnant, I quickly realized that regular yoga classes were not what I wanted or needed in my body and mind.

Not all Yoga Teachers Know How To Keep Their Pregnant Students Safe.

A surprising number of poses require modifications or should not be practiced at all. But only very few teachers have in-depth knowledge about what's safe and what isn't.

Pregnant yogis need a different Kind of Flow.

Things like congestion, morning sickness, increased flexibility, and low blood pressure change how our practice should look and feel. Some days, "simple" poses like Downward Dog and even Childs Pose feel impossible - and definitely far from 'resting poses'.

Most of Us Don't Know Which Poses to Avoid or Modify.

When we don't know all the rules by heart of what we can and can't do, we will follow what the teacher says, even if they weren't trained in prenatal yoga - this can be dangerous for you and your baby.

healthy mama healthy baby

what this program has to offer

Healthy Mama, Healthy Baby! Prenatal Yoga with Jess Rose
Feel safe and supported

I created this program with the health and safety of both mamas and babies in mind. The Healthy Mama, Healthy Baby Prenatal Yoga Program is a comprehensive prenatal program made for all pregnant mamas in all trimesters. There are no poses asking you to lie on your belly. There are no closed twists, jump-throughs, or deep backbends. You will feel completely supported by this practice, knowing that your baby is safe, and I got your back!

I have been there myself

I only teach practices that I used myself. In this program I guide you through the exact practices that I used to prepare my body and mind for the journey through pregnancy, and the highly-anticipated moment of giving birth. These practices made me feel strong, supported, feminine and empowered during my pregnancy and while giving birth!

Yoga for all trimesters, moods and intentions

These classes can be taken many timesover the course of your pregnancy. And thanks to your changing body and growing belly, they will no doubt feel different each time you take them.

Get free updates and additions

Plus, once you buy the program, you will also receive new classes, meditations, and breathwork practices once they are added - completely free of charge! So even though the price will increase over time and the program will keep growing, you won't pay anything more!

program overview

11 targeted-focus prenatal yoga classes for your pregnancy


About the teacher

Knowledge meets fun

My name is Jess Rose, and I'm an E-RYT 500 registered yoga teacher, prenatal yoga teacher, and online teacher to thousands of yogis around the world. Find out more about my teaching here.

One part adventurous, badass power yogi, and one part silky smooth spiritual sister, I like to think I embody my two favorite yogic qualities: strength and calm.

I brought my son Damian into the world in October 2019, and he is nothing short of The Best Thing Ever! I credit my prenatal yoga practice - and daily foot massages from my man 🙂 - for cultivating the relaxation and positive mindset I needed in order to grow this amazing little human into the chill and fun-loving baby he is today.


what students say about jess

Jess is a brilliant and passionate instructor and easily passes her enthusiasm for the subjects onto her students.
Will, USA
Jess takes you on a journey with her yoga practice and teaches you to move from the heart with enlightening inspiration, graceful movements, and flowing sequences. She is inspiring and encouraging with her depth of knowledge and inner wisdom which has helped navigate me through some challenging times. Yoga has become an essential daily practice for me now thanks to Jess and has awakened my body, my breath, and my spirit.
Lori, Scotland
Buddha means, simply, awake. Jess is awake. Alive, joyful, fun - and, most importantly, caring - one of the most dynamic yoga teachers out there.
Waylon, USA
I felt your Magic. Not only your huge knowledge and extensive experience impacted my motivation to keep exploring this lifestyle, but also your grace and the brightness that surrounds you. I will always recommend as many people as I can to have the experience to explore the yoga path with you. Thank you.
Stefano, Argentina
After attending just one yoga class led by Jess, I knew she was the one I want to learn from. Her style was refreshing, uplifting and inspirational. (...) She is an amazing teacher as well as wonderful human being and I am beyond grateful to have had the chance to learn from her.
Leda, Croatia
I have been practicing yoga for more than 20 years, and I never fail to discover something new (or something old but forgotten) in Jess' classes. She is extremely knowledgeable about yoga and its many branches of study and offshoots of interest. She is also incredibly generous of spirit and attracts very interesting and kind people to her group. Highly recommend.
Michelle, USA

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