Movement Wisdom

200 Hour Online Yoga Teacher Training

The most comprehensive online training for discovering both the modern movement science and the ancient wisdom practices of yoga.
Become a fully-trained, highly skilled yoga teacher and practitioner in just 16 weeks. The next training round goes from February 13th - June 11th, 2023.

This course is incredibly brilliant!

I feel fully qualified to begin teaching safe, clear, creative yoga classes steeped in yogic philosophy. The training definitely exceeded my expectations (and I had high expectations).

I always knew Jess was a great yoga teacher, and that's one thing. But I never knew how incredible of an actual teacher she was until this course. From the very first class I took with Jess online, before she knew I existed, I knew I always wanted to learn from this woman. She's just a ball of love and light.

Hanna T. from Australia

There are two kinds of yoga teacher trainings


Ones that take place somewhere tropical and focus on "good vibes," green smoothies, and perfect handstands. These trainings offer a fun yoga vacation, but few actual skills for teaching yoga.


Ones where the location doesn't matter, because the focus is on in-depth studies and intensive practice of the skills, information and tools you need to be a successful and in-demand teacher.

We are this one.

Hi, I'm Jess,
lead trainer of the Movement Wisdom 200 Hour YTT. I have guided countless passionate yogis like you through my teacher training programs both online and in-person. I help my students become smarter, wiser yoga practitioners and leaders in their community.
The wisdom you get from this course will make you a stand-out, in-demand teacher and human!
If you want to spend your time sharing the practice of yoga with others, learning the deep wisdom from the ancient sages, and understanding the science behind how yoga actually works, you're in the right place.

The Movement Wisdom 200 Hour Online YTT is the right fit if you are any of the following

A dedicated yoga student who has reached a stand-still in your learning with your normal studio or at-home classes and you want more
An employee (with the heart of a yogi) ready to turn what you love into a part- or full-time career and maybe even become your own boss
A certified yoga teacher who picked the wrong YTT the first time around, and is ready to get on track with a gold-star level training
A passionate yogi interested in taking your practice to new heights for your own benefit and out of curiosity for all that yoga has to offer

I was never bored for a single second!

In other online courses I've taken, I always had an issue with motivation. I always had to reeeally push myself to continue. But it's completely different with this training! The modules are so much fun, and there is so much variety between the classes, so I was never bored for a single second! I look forward to each and every class, and my motivation is so high.

The access to the course material and also the learning platform is very, very easy. The program is so wonderful, I am so glad I decided to join. My personal highlight so far was the dance party anatomy class. I've never had that much fun learning anatomy before.

Aline B. from Germany

This course is just so different!

It's incredible how it changed my life even just after one week! Every morning I get out of bed like, "YAY! It's another day of this awesome yoga journey!" It gives me so much joy and energy and all the videos are such an inspiration.

This YTT is made with so much love, and is so much fun. It's easy to stay motivated to turn the laptop on and do the lessons. I really like the 90 minute group Zoom calls every week. I was surprised by how much love and how much energy I feel when we talk as a group - it's such a nice atmosphere. So even though it's online, and it's a Zoom call, it's always really touching and leaves me with a smile. I LOVE this 200 hour YTT!

Vanessa B. from Germany

This course raises the bar!

Jess, thank you for a well done job on the course outline and content! It's truly a benchmark! This course is raising the bar for all educators and you should really be very proud of it! Well done!
Wafa S. from Canada

It has been an amazing, life changing course.

This morning I started the whole program again from the beginning with the first vinyasa class. Incredible to go through it again - remembering how much I wobbled four months ago and realising how much of Jess' instruction I couldn't really absorb the first time around as there was so much to take in.

It has been an amazing, life changing course and although I was sad for it to come to an end - I am really excited to work my way through the classes and Asana Labs a second time as I can already see how it will exponentially improve my practice (again!)!

It has been such a pleasure to go through this training with everyone in the group and of course, the lovely Jess. βœ¨πŸ’œπŸ™

Rebecca E. from the UK

My friend and I did The Movement Wisdom YTT with Jess and we are so lucky we made this decision!

I just had a feeling that I have a connection with Jess, and she's really SO lovely and SO nice, I knew I had to do my YTT with her. And I love this program so much, and Jess is such a good teacher! Taking this training gives me so much energy - I can get up at 4:30am to learn and be full of energy the whole day, because I know that every second of Jess' teaching is worth it.

Plus, she really knows how to give constructive feedback (from my perspective of being a studied school teacher). This training is a little oasis in my life.

Nicole M. from Germany

I fell in love with this course from the first sight!

I'm learning so many useful and immensely interesting things about the body, the mind, and yoga philosophy! It's the most amazing experience! This training was the best investment in myself, and having you by my side all this time has been truly the best experience.
Alicja S. from Poland

Jess really, really, really knows her stuff!

But she's got this laid-back, no-pressure attitude as well.

And what's been really nice, is that while it's really professionally delivered, and the content is HUGE, there's still this really nice balance of joy and ease.

The pace is really refreshing, so I don't feel under pressure, like I have with other courses.

Katie H. from the UK

The structure of the course is amazing!

I chose to do my YTT with Jess because of her energy, her vitality, and the joy she brings to each class. She is incredibly authentic. Plus, I knew that Jess would be there to support me through the training, and that I will not hold it all on my shoulders by myself. I am very happy about absolutely everything!

Jess is amazing and I’m so happy to be part of the Movement Wisdom program. She is such an inspiration to me!

Lucie A. from France

I'm loving the course, and I could just sit and listen to Jess' lectures for hours on end...!

The anatomy lectures on the spine and the low back in particular have been so helpful! Because of them, I stopped being scared of backbends and I have just done wheel for the first time in 50 odd years!!!! πŸ‘πŸ˜πŸ₯°πŸ™I want to cry (in a good way) 🀣🀣🀣thank you thank you, Jess! X X.
Carole S. from Scotland

I am impressed by Jess' anatomy knowledge and explanations.

I just finished watching the anatomy class from Week 7, and I found it amazing. There were concepts about the hip joint and its variations that I struggled to understand in my other anatomy studies, and this video helped a lot.

Plus, I really like that Jess doesn't have a dogmatic way of teaching yoga. She's very open to different backgrounds, different types of bodies, and different perspectives.

Before the training, I couldn’t decide about the online format. I was worried that I wouldn’t feel comfortable speaking up during the weekly 90 minute Zoom call, as I usually tend to feel self-conscious in big new groups. But thanks to Jess' welcoming and supportive presence and the small group sizes in the calls, I do not have a problem speaking up πŸ™‚.

Lastly, I just want to say how amazing it feels to get your feedback on my weekly Asana Selfies homework. It is extremely detailed and super helpful.

Elena G. from Luxembourg

I LOVE these videos!

So so so excited for the entire course. This is way beyond my expectations. I wish everyone put in the time, love and care like you guys clearly did.

I was worried it would be challenging after working all day to find the energy and bandwidth to participate in intensely studying and learning but you inspire me to β€œcome to class”.

The humor that Jess and Viktor bring to each lesson and class is fantastic! Their personalities shine and they jump across the screen to where I feel like I am actually sitting in class!

Dori G., USA

This yoga teacher training gives me purpose.

I just finished the "Life Goals" worksheet and I wanted to thank you and Viktor for your amazing yoga training and the fact that you incorporated personal growth exercises for me to learn more about myself.

This yoga teacher training gives me purpose in a period of my life where parts of my life are blurry and I thank you so much for it πŸ€—β€. Jess' feedback is so precious to me and motivates me so much!

Lea H. from Switzerland

The amount of energy, support and love in this program blew my mind!

And it was far from what I expected when booking the training online a few months ago. The quality of each and every class was amazing and I’m so glad I can re-do them in the future after the training is finished!

I would’ve never taught my own classes without starting this course, and I would definitely not have changed the whole subject of my university studies without all the inspiration and spark I’ve felt while doing the Movement Wisdom program.

Jess has truly changed my life perspective in the most positive way possible and I’m grateful for that. Also, I feel honoured to pass on everything I’ve learned to my future students!

Hannah K. from Germany

Signing up was a no-brainer for me!

When I met Jess, I was blown away. I thought, "Oh my gosh, this is the teacher and mentor I would love to have for my own personal growth!" So signing up was a no-brainer for me!

With every contact we had, it just felt right - it was meant to be. I've just been blown away by the support I get from Jess and the Movement Wisdom team. At first I was surprised by how incredibly professional the course is - not just the production, but also the content. The quality of the manual is amazing - it is absolutely beautiful, it's gorgeous!

And, as a bonus, it's been really easy to navigate the course materials. I love this training!

Conny C. from Switzerland

    By the end of this training, you will have

    Learned to teach 4 different styles of yoga
    as well as breathwork and meditation. Vinyasa Flow, Hatha, Yin, and Restorative Yoga.
    Discovered the ins and outs of hundreds of poses
    from Downdog to Crow Pose and beyond, including alignment, energetics, and actions in each pose.
    Crafted your very own unique yoga classes
    after learning the essentials of sequencing, theming, and language.
    Learned anatomy that immediately supports your practice
    including your alignment, form, and tons of info directly applicable to your yoga practice.
    Received 16 weeks of personal feedback on your practice
    including your alignment, form, and answers to your questions about your yoga practice.
    Explored yoga's most popular philosophies
    from texts like the Yoga Sutras and the Bhagavad Gita, to the most penetrating concepts for a fulfilling life.
    Forged meaningful connections
    with Jess and other inspiring yogis like yourself, and joined a lifelong, connected, supportive community.
    Awakened your body's subtle energy
    with breathwork, meditation, mantra chanting, chakra meditations, and a journey through the energy maps of the body.

    The Movement Wisdom 200 Hour Online YTT will give you the skills and support you need to become a highly-trained, knowledgeable, and inspiring yoga teacher and practitioner.

    What students are saying about Jess

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    Student reactions to the program

    We're now officially open for enrollment. Places are limited!

    This training will transform your yoga and the way you see the world. Places are limited, so book your spot early to ensure your participation in the training. Enrollment closes soon and won't open again until next year!

    This course has gone above and beyond my expectations!

    The tutorials are perfect for my schedule, the homework is totally manageable but progressive, the manual is STUNNING - it's clear how much work has gone into the whole structure of the course. I'm over the moon to be part of it!

    What's really valuable, is that this course is really making me think hard about myself - what's important to me personally as well as in my practice, and the type of teacher I might become.

    It really feels like a personal journey for growth, not just a teacher training!

    Katie H. from the UK

    This YTT has to be the best on the market - the content is so rich!

    I love this course! ❀ It teaches so many aspects of yoga, looking at it from so many different angles and all done super pedagogically - I am blown away.

    Jess has such great energy that makes every class interesting and fun to watch. She brings so much expertise to this course! I am enjoying it so much and gaining a lot of insights!

    I am super happy I made the decision to take this YTT!

    Regine W. from Sweden

    Burnt out executive LOVING this course!

    Hands down - this course is one of the best investments I have made in a really, really long time! I’ve spent 40 years achieving, reaching, rushing, running and I’d like to spend the next 40 years learning to slow down and be in the moment. This 200YTT is the perfect start to my journey. Why didn't I do this earlier..?!

    This course has been structured to adapt and incorporate all of the elements you would have in an in-person setting, but in a virtual environment. I'm a very structured individual, so I like that every week has bite-sized chunks of certain topics so it's not overwhelming. There are big bonuses to taking this course virtually!

    Nancy Y. from Italy

    What's inside the Movement Wisdom 200 Hour Online YTT

    Practices - Yoga, Meditation & Breathwork

    4 different styles of yoga to practice and learn to teach - Hatha, Vinyasa Flow, Yin & Restorative. 30 full- length asana classes specifically themed and sequenced for this course. 16 styles of meditation. 12 types of breathwork.

    Yoga Anatomy & Asana "Labs"

    100+ in-depth pose workshops including alignment, pitfalls, props, variations and modifications in each pose. Yoga anatomy that explains why your body has certain successes and struggles due to your muscles and bones. Based on the latest in movement science.

    Yoga Philosophy & Personal Growth

    Life-changing lessons from the ancient sages that are still incredibly relevant today. Read key texts of yoga and integrate their inspiring guidance into your life and practice. Begin or continue exploring the ideas of Self, and the search for meaning.

    Crafting Classes & Teaching Yoga

    Specialty workshops on cueing, theming, sequencing, and hands-on assists. Practice teaching others in our live Zoom calls, and get feedback from Jess along with the group. Learn the essential aspects of the yoga business to set your skills into action as soon as you graduate.

    All of this and so much more delivered to you in four diverse & engaging formats



    • prerecorded practices, lectures and workshops
    • filmed in 4 different locations
    • recorded in Ultra HD (4K) quality
    • available 24/7 on all your devices


    • high-quality audio lectures and practices
    • available for you to download on any device
    • listen whenever and wherever you want
    • perfect for commutes, cooking dinner or a hot bath

    Zoom Calls

    • 16 group calls with Jess (each 90 min) plus graduation ceremony
    • reserved for reflections, exchange, teaching practice, feedback and Q&A
    • 2 weekly time slots available to join
    • students pick the schedule 2 weeks before the training start
    • develop your voice, your cues, your personal teaching style

    Self Study

    • weekly reviews to consolidate your progress
    • hand in pictures of your poses for helpful feedback from Jess
    • inspiring journaling exercises and useful worksheets
    • team up with other students as much or as little as you like
    • reading recommendations to deepen your knowledge in selected areas

    Our 400-page training manual will be your best friend during the course



    400 pages of high-quality, full color printing


    100+ high-res images of yoga asana


    Artistic and inspiring design (aka. not just a word-document)


    Delivered to your door no matter where you are in the world

    Right now, you might be wondering...

    "How can this online training possibly compare to the in-person experience?"
    "There already aren't enough hours in the day - how can I fit this training into my schedule?"
    "How will I get personalized feedback from the teacher on my yoga practice and teaching?"

    If these questions are on your mind, you're not alone!

    As a trained professional educator, I asked myself these same questions many times as I was creating this online version of my popular in-person training. And at the end of the day, there are some really incredible benefits to taking your YTT online!
    You don't need to sacrifice 10 weekends in a row or 4 weeks of vacation time to take this training. On the contrary! As you have one full year to complete the course, you can set your own schedule and study in your own rhythm.

    Meet past students and learn about their amazing YTT journeys!






    Price breakdown for all course elements when purchased individually

    Course Element
    Value ($)
    30 Full-length Yoga Classes (60-90 min)


    100+ Detailed Pose Workshops
    Complete Yoga Anatomy Course
    Complete Yoga Philosophy Course



    Complete Subtle Body Course (incl. Pranayama and Meditation)


    Complete Teaching Yoga Course
    Complete Personal Growth Course
    Business Of Yoga Basics Course


    400-page YTT Manual (printed copy)
    16 Live Training Calls with Jess (90 minutes)

    Total Course Value


    Bundled Training Offer
    ✨ $1,945 ✨

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    Know You're Making The Right Choice With Our 7 Day "Try It, Test It" Money-Back Guarantee

    Maybe other trainings have left you skeptical. Or maybe you're not sure if you're meant to become a yoga teacher. Or you wonder how this online format could actually work for you.

    If you're still not sure if this training is a perfect fit for you, rest assured knowing that you have one full week of training to decide if you'd like to continue.

    No matter what doubts you might have, you can feel supported in signing up today with our satisfaction guarantee. If it doesn't work out, there's no harm done and you get your money back!

    I'm confident that you'll love this program as much as my previous students have. In fact, no one has ever dropped out of the program before! You've got nothing to lose, and the best in higher yoga education to gain!


    Are you paying in EUR? You can use your credit card to sign up for any of the plans above. Your payment will automatically be converted to USD ($). We don't add additional fees but your credit card issuer might charge you a small fee (usually 1 to 3% of the transaction). To avoid currency conversion fees you can also pay directly in EUR. Write a short message to and we'll send you the details for the transaction.

    Safe Payments: We work with the market leaders Stripe and Paypal make sure that your payments are processed safely.
    *Please note: The USD amounts indicated here are approximations, not real-time conversions. (You can google these easily.)

    Burning Questions Your Fellow Movement Wisdom Students Asked Before Signing Up For The Training

    Nope. We've seen these prices, too. And the price tag does NOT generally reflect the quality of a training!

    Our goal is to give everyone a chance to deepen their yoga, no matter how much they've got in the bank. We want everyone who's passionate about yoga to be able to experience the benefits of a high-level yoga education.

    The Movement Wisdom YTT is a more comprehensive, up-to-date, and easy to follow program than others that sell for 2 - 3x the price.