nature of yoga

The Nature of Yoga

Jess Rose Yoga Philosophy

nature of yoga

Throughout time, yoga poses have been created to mimic some of nature’s most beautiful, and powerful qualities.

Tree Pose, Mountain Pose, Cobra, and Eagle. And, also … the Pose of the Embryo. To prepare the yogi for the mystery of whatever comes next in the cycle of life. 

Practicing yoga teaches us to be present, and content, right where we are. But also piques our interest in knowing what more we’re capable of. What territory we might someday explore when the time is right. 

In the practice, breath and gaze bring out potential and possibility. When we go inwards and focus on the breath, our bodies can do almost anything with ease. Like the wind carries the butterfly, the breath helps us take flight. 

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Learning the skills of stillness and balance, yogis find peace within the ever-changing currents of life.

Our practice, life, and water all have similar qualities. At times, there are moments of stagnation; of pause, and reflection. Like the rocks that shape the river’s direction, outside elements can cause temporary peaks, or sudden drops. But over time, we learn to stay fluid and centered in any type of current. 

In yoga, the poses were created to reflect the world around us, although some were made to call forth the power of the Gods. By shapeshifting into deities and saints, we aim to bring forth their qualities into us. From playfulness, to devotion, to strength and determination. 

To dig into the mystery of yoga, one simultaneously digs into the mystery of life. What slowly becomes unearthed ins not easily put into words. But it’s something like the throb of the earth as waves crash on the beach. It’s something like sitting, surrounded by a billion grains of sand, but able to grasp only one handful at a time. But knowing, deep within, that this handful plays an important part in the expansive symphony of nature. 

Yoga gives us the tools to explore this human experience in all its beauty.

In all the pleasure, and all the pain. Breathing into the highs, and the lows, with steadiness and ease. 

The ancient texts tell us that the beauty of the lotus would not be possible without the thickness of the mud in which it grows. Once we can see it with clear eyes, the mud becomes just as beautiful as the lotus itself. 

The Pose of the Embryo is here to remind us that in order to grow, there must first be a pause, to travel inwards, finding peace right where we are, in the beauty of the present moment.