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This mini YTT course is perfect for anyone wanting to learn some of the most important concepts of the physical practice, while gaining insight into the history, philosophy, and science of yoga, too!

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This course is incredibly brilliant!
Hanna, Australia
This YTT must be the best on the market!
Regine, Sweden
I wasn't bored for a single second!
Aline, Germany
This course raises the bar for all educators!
Wafa, Canada
It really is a personal journey for growth!
Katie, UK
I've taken many online courses before. This one is totally different!
Aline, Germany
Jess spreads such amazing energy. I don't even know how to put this in words...
Linn, Norway
The knowledge we acquire in this course is amazing!
Alicja, Poland
I could just sit and listen to Jess' lectures for hours on end.
Carole, Scotland
Jess is certainly one of the most dynamic yoga teachers out there!
Waylon, USA
She takes you on a journey and teaches you to move from the heart.
Lori, Scotland
Jess knows her stuff really, really well! And she also has this nice laid-back attitude.
Katie, UK
I love the way she teaches and that she respects individuality in her classes.
Aline, Germany
I knew that I wanted to learn from this woman from the first class I took!
Hanna, Australia
The content of this program is extremely rich!
Regine, Sweden
This training is my little oasis. It gives me so much energy!
Nicole, Germany
This is my second YTT. I paid only half as much as I did for the first one, but I got three times as much value!
Angel, Hong Kong
Hands down - this course is one of the best investments I have made in a really, really long time!
Nancy, Australia
Honestly, this training is one of the best investments of my life! It helps me go where I want to go in life.
Hannah, Germany
I've learned so much about every aspect of yoga. But mainly I've learned who I am and who I want to be.
Aurore, Belgium
I cannot formulate how extraordinary this training is. If you're unsure what YTT to pick, this is the one!
Ida, Norway

    Course Schedule

    Day 1
    Key Concepts of Yoga Philosophy (60 minute lecture)
    Day 2
    Vi-Nyasa (75 minute vinyasa class + sequencing review)

    Day 3

    Introduction to Meditation (70 minute lecture)
    Day 4
    Bones & Ligaments (40 minute lecture)
    Day 5
    Define Your Core Values (lecture + exercise)
    Day 6
    What Stops Me? (90 minute yin class)