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My classes are flowy and creative, my cues are clear and I often theme my classes around the key concepts of yogic philosphy. To learn more about my teaching style

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Practice for Death

I'm really not a fan of giving away entire yoga classes for free (how should yoga teachers make money?), but this is my one exception: A full-length 90 minute practice that will help you be less afraid of death which, according to ancient yoga philosophy, is crucial if you ever want to reach enlightenment.

Healthy Mama, Healthy Baby

Prenatal yoga helped me navigate through my first pregnancy and prepare for birth. Moreover, I am 100% convinced that it also helped my son develop into the healthy little bundle of joy that he is today! The program consists of 11 target-focused yoga classes for all moods and trimesters. On top of that, I threw in 4 post-natal classes for the recovery-period after your birth!
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Detox Program

We all need to clean body and mind sometimes, don't we?! These practices will help you rinse it all out and start fresh. Enjoy!

Full Body Flexibility

This program is my take on flexibility, and it's not what you think it is, believe me! These classes will give you lot's of insights into how stretching actually works and how we can increase mobility. Everything you learn is backed by the newest research in the field of movement science.
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Asana Tutorials

These 71 tutorials cover beginner, intermediate and advanced level poses. They are a fantastic resource for anybody who takes their asana practice seriously (even though they are not nearly as detailed as the asana labs in my 200Hour YTT)

Vin/Yin Program

Some days you just want to move. And some days you crave endless holds. The Vin/Yin program is for the days when you seek both. It makes for a really well-rounded practice with a very high feel-good factor.
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Vinyasa Flow Classes

Here is a collection of 30 vinyasa flow classes. You'll find sweaty and slow classes for all practice levels.