Finding Your Dharma

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Our purpose in life, our true calling, our destiny A guest post by Serena Wehsling The Bhagavad Gita is a story about the dialogue of a warrior prince and his charioteer. Arjuna, the warrior prince, has to go into battle to get his kingdom back. As he realizes going into this battle would mean he would also be killing family and friends he is starting to doubt that this is …

Video Lecture: Myths of the Asanas

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Did you know there is a story behind Dancer’s Pose? And Side Plank, and Crow Pose, and the Warrior Poses? We have done these poses hundreds if not thousands of times without thinking about where they really come from. This lecture, taken from my 200 Hour Teacher Training, explains some of the coolest stories behind the most common poses in yoga asana It will change the way you view your …

How To Pick A Yoga Teacher Training

How To Pick A Yoga Teacher Training

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How To Pick A Yoga Teacher Training – 7 Things Your YTT Should Absolutely Include! When on the hunt for a 200 hour yoga teacher training program, it’s hard to know which ones are great, good, or definitely not worth your time. Some yoga schools have flashy websites but a limited amount of knowledge. Others embrace the magical aspects of the practice but might leave you lacking in the practical …

What It’s Like Teaching Yoga Online (Interview)

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So what’s it like teaching yoga online? After having previously only taught in studios and on beaches, it’s a whole different world! From the spotlights, to the crew of people hovering behind the scenes, to having to speak while getting into crazy poses, to not knowing who my students are or their strengths and limitations…it’s challenging for many reasons, but also incredibly rewarding. Teaching online has also been a great …

How to record professional yoga videos

How To Record Professional Yoga Videos (Podcast)

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Do you plan to film your first yoga video? Awesome! Do you wonder if you should film a yoga video? Also awesome! This podcast episode is for you 🙂 Enjoy a long-form interview (1:15 hours) with me about how to record professional yoga videos. The interview was published on the Yoga Teacher Resource Podcast. Mado Hesselink asked me everything about what it takes to film a professional yoga video. We …

Yin Yang Yoga

Yin Yang Yoga

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“At the Ganges in India, praying to the rising sun while immersed in water joins two primary elements and symbolizes the union of opposites: masculine + feminine, light + dark, wrong + right, and good + evil” Stephen P. Huyler in Meeting God The Meaning Behind Yin and Yang You know this symbol, don’t you?! Here in the West we commonly call it the “yin-yang-symbol”. But actually it goes by …

Vipassana Retreat Experience

Vipassana Retreat Experience and Learnings

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Vipassana is not cool. It’s confrontational “Vipassana is like surgery for the mind.” S.N. Goenka Vipassana is the meditation technique to reach enlightenment. It was discovered and taught by the Buddha about 2500 years ago. Sounds like cool stuff, right?! Well, yes and no. It is important to understand that Vipassana Meditation is not mysterious, or mystical, or relaxing! Not at all. On the contrary, it is confrontational, sometimes boring, …

Benefits of Prenatal Yoga

The 10 Incredible Benefits of Prenatal Yoga

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10 Scientifically-Proven Reasons to Practice Yoga During Pregnancy As a yoga teacher, I have had countless pregnant women come to my classes over the years, many of whom were complete newbies referred to the class by their doctors and obstetricians. Yoga is frequently prescribed to mothers-to-be, and, through my own practice, I know how therapeutic yoga is for both the mind and the body. But I was a bit fuzzy …