"Buddha means, simply, awake. Jess is awake. Alive, joyful, fun - and, most importantly, caring - one of the most dynamic yoga teachers out there."
Waylon, USA
"Jess is extremely knowledgeable about yoga and its many branches of study and offshoots of interest. She is also incredibly generous of spirit and attracts very interesting and kind people to her group. Highly recommend."
Michelle, USA

My Yoga

Since becoming a household name with the 30 Day Yoga Program  I have led multiple retreats, teacher trainings, and workshops in Morocco, Mexico, Germany, Spain, Italy, the United States, Thailand and France.

These images give you an idea of what it's like to study and practice with me in different settings all over the world.

You can practice with me online on doyouyoga, yogiapproved, and on my ever-expanding youtube channel.

Being a proper yoga-nerd, I also write about different aspects of the practice. Not just on my blog, but also for publications like the Elephant Journal or the San Francisco Yoga Magazine. Hear me interviewed on The Yoga Teacher Resource podcast as well as the Business of Yoga speaker series with Amy McDonald.

Students repeatedly tell me they appreciate these things the most about my style of teaching:

  • knowledge and clarity
  • passion for the practice
  • the combination of fun and depth
  • inspiration and motivation

The Embryo video below gives shows you what yoga means to me: 

Embryo | Yoga Demo In Mexico with Jess Rose

Behind the scenes

Besides passionately teaching and practicing yoga, I am also a certified Thai Massage Therapist and dedicated to living a healthy, holistic, and adventurous life.

I have always been a foodie, a sports enthusiast, and a lover of words, people, and big ideas.

I split my time between Berlin, Germany and the open road. But my true home is somewhere between the mountains and the ocean. Or just about anywhere with a big, open sky.

In this interview with Douyouyoga you can read more about my life, attitudes and yoga practice.


Come find me on instagram for inspiring pics and videos full of yogic wisdom and insights gained from studying the most up-to-date science of yoga anatomy and biomechanics. It's one more way to elevate your yoga practice throughout your day!