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200H  YTT | Mar 01 - 27 | Salento, Italy

Discover what it means to live and breathe yoga in this 26 day immersive exploration of yogic practices, philosophies and techniques. Deepen your yoga practice and learn to share your passion with others in the poetic and picturesque environment of the Salento region in southern Italy.

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handstand tutorial

Kick up with confidence


Yoga teaches us patience ... especially when we are attempting impossible-seeming poses like handstand! If you feel like you have been patient enough, and are ready to get some hang time upside down, then this video tutorial is for you! Do this short practice a few times a week and you will be handstanding in no time.

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Prenatal yoga program

healthy mama, healthy baby


11 Classes for a Better Pregnancy and Birth

In the Healty Mama, Healthy Baby Prenatal Program I guide you through the exact practices I used to prepare my body and mind for the journey through pregnancy and birth. These practices made me feel strong, supported, feminine and empowered to prepare me and my baby for a beautiful birth!

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my yoga

find out what yoga means to me


Throughout time, yoga poses have been created to mimic some of nature’s most beautiful, and powerful qualities. Tree Pose, Mountain Pose, Cobra and Eagle. And, also ... the Pose of the Embryo.

To prepare the yogi for the mystery of whatever comes next in the cycle of life. Practicing yoga teaches us to be present, and content, right where we are. But also piques our interest in knowing what more we’re capable of

What territory we might someday explore when the time is right. 

In the practice, breath and gaze bring out potential and possibility. When we go inwards and focus on the breath, our bodies can do almost anything with ease. Like the wind carries the butterfly, the breath helps us take flight ...

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